Ocean in Motion

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Ocean in Motion is a multi-sensory visual presentation that conveys a dramatic story about the tapestry of life in the ocean, astounding in its variety and vital to our survival. Ocean in Motion shows the audience the urgency of confronting the threats to marine ecosystems and fisheries and inspire them with stories of what people across the globe are doing to protect the ocean.

Four key messages are conveyed in the story.

  1. Once we thought life in the ocean was inexhaustible.
  2. Today, the ocean is under threat, from overfishing to climate change to dead zones.
  3. All over the world, there are success stories of individuals who are leading the way to restore marine ecosystems.
  4. The ocean's health is key to human survival. Each of us must become a steward to protect the ocean planet.

This fast-paced film weaves together datasets, video, and animation to create a personalized story that motivates the audience to take action. The presentation includes both the Science on a Sphere and video screen content with Spanish and English open-captions.

This film may be shared and distributed only among the NOAA Science On a Sphere network for members to display to at their site. This film may not be displayed on any application other than a Science On a Sphere. No segment of the film may be repurposed or distributed in any way other than its original intended use. The film must be shown in its entirety.

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