A Working Waterfront: Seaports of San Pedro Bay

A Working Waterfront: Seaports of San Pedro Bay thumbnail


The seaports of San Pedro Bay, the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, represent the nation's first- and the world's fifth-busiest container port complex. Nearly half of all the manufactured goods that enter and leave the United States pass through this bay. Few have ever seen the massive ships, the towering gantry cranes, and the hyperkinetic seaports operations up close. Watch as this global trade center unfolds across the planet.

The weaving together of datasets, archival imagery, and original filming and graphics makes for a richly-layered, emotionally stirring portrait of the San Pedro Bay Seaports. The presentation includes both the Science On a Sphere and video screen content with Spanish and English open-captions.

Note: This film may be shared and distributed only among the NOAA Science On a Sphere network for members to display at their site. This film may not be displayed on any application other than a Science On a Sphere. No segment of the film may be repurposed or distributed in any way other than its original intended use. The film must be shown in its entirety.

Length of dataset: 5:14

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