The Wanderers

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In ancient civilizations, people pondered the meanings of the stars, watching for clues to their survival: the beginning of planting and harvesting times, the seasons, and even portents of danger. They soon noticed that certain stars didn't stay in place, but wandered amongst the fixed star field. Later astronomers and philosophers soon recognized that these were worlds in their own right, orbiting the Sun in a cosmic dance. Join us as we take you on a tour of the Solar System, and learn about The Wanderers.

The planets have fascinated people since the earliest times and still do so today. Spacecraft have now visited many planets and bodies throughout the solar system, with more missions currently on the way to their destinations. This movie was designed to excite the imagination while showcasing the amazing data that has been returned from those missions. All of the images shown in the movie come from real spacecraft data, only modified when needed to fill the sphere or to convey information not otherwise easily seen.

For more information, visit The Wanderers website and review The Wanderers talking points (pdf).

Length of dataset: 15:13