Exploring the Unknown Ocean

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The global ocean encompasses 75% of our blue planet, yet less than 10% of the waters below its rippling surface have been explored.  It was once thought that the ocean depths were devoid of life, the seafloor, a barren, empty plain. However, advances in ocean science technologies are taking humans to previously unexplored waters, revealing unimaginable subsea landscapes, teaming with life. The compelling story behind these technologies, the people that operate them, the scientists who use them, and the amazing discoveries they make together are highlighted in a new, innovative SOS program developed by the Inner Space Center (ISC) at the University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography (URI/GSO).  It features deep-sea encounters, creature discoveries, and interesting habitats; engaging, scientists’ audio commentaries; and imaginative technology visualizations and animations, all linked via inventive, sphere-based storytelling. This program is intended for use at informal science education institutions with SOS installations and incorporates options for content expansion and audience engagement with science interpreters.


Produced by The Inner Space Center
In Partnership with 42° North Media and NOAA’s Office of Ocean Exploration and Research
Funding Provided by National Marine Sanctuary Foundation
Music composed by Robert Neufeld
Narrated by Drew Patterson
Special thanks Walter Smith, David Sandwell, Allan Adams, Mashkoor Malik, Jesse Varner, Nicole Raineault, NOAA’s Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, Ocean Exploration Trust, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution