SOS Visual Playlist Editor - 5.5 Release Notes


This document summarizes the changes and additions to the Science On a Sphere® (SOS) Visual Playlist Editor (VPLE) in the version 5.5.x releases.

For detailed information on VPLE features, please refer to the Visual Playlist Editor Manual (or browse to: Support > Manuals > Visual Playlist Editor on the SOS website). 

Release Dates

  • Version 5.5.0 - Oct. 11, 2019


  • The SOS Visual Playlist Editor 5.5 requires the Ubuntu 18.04 operating system and SOS 5.5.

Enhancements in 5.5.0

  • Text in the Preview Window:  When viewing a dataset that has Text PIPs, the Preview window will now show the actual text instead of the "PIP Text" placeholder image!  This will greatly improve the user experience when working with Text PIPs.  In addition, the way Text PIPs are sized and auto-scaled has changed.  Prior to v5.5, Text PIPs were sized and auto-scaled based on PIP width.  Starting with v5.5, Text PIPs are sized and auto-scaled based on PIP height.  This is a significant change that will also improve the user experience. 

    In the document Text PIP Updates for SOS v5.5, we have outlined examples of why the change was made, and provided a few different scenarios of what you might expect to see when loading v5.4 Text PIP datasets into v5.5. 

    At a minimum, please read the section titled "Steps to take after you upgrade" in the Text PIP Updates for SOS v5.5 document in order to ensure that all of your existing site-custom datasets that contain Text PIPs look like what you would expect on SOS.  Most likely, you will need to make simple and quick Text PIP size adjustments.

  • Icon to Identify Site-Custom Datasets:  In order to quickly identify datasets that are Site-Custom datasets, we have appended a diamond icon to the name of every Site-Custom dataset in Presentation Mode.

  • Set the default value of Moving PIPs "Show lines" attribute to false.
  • Increased the default height of labels from 3.2 to 3.65 degrees latitude.
  • Greatly improved the number entry behavior when entering numbers in attribute fields of the Tabs in Dataset mode.
  • Improved the Moving PIP user interface (i.e. the PIP Path Editor pop-up dialog in the PIP Element tab).
  • When resizing a PIP in the Preview window, the yellow resize handle now gets smaller when needed so that the handle does not block PIP data as much.  If the PIP gets too small, a tool tip indicates that the PIP width or height controls in the Element tab should be now be used to further refine the size.

Bug Fixes in 5.5.0

  • Moving PIPs: Improved error checking and user feedback of csv files so that Visual Playlist Editor does not crash if it detects bad csv data.

Known Bugs in 5.5.0

  • Annotation icons added through the Playlist Editor show up as a Missing PIP on SOS. Please use a text editor to set the icons attribute with the proper values for your icons until this issue is fixed. (See the Annotation Icons section in the Dataset Manual for more information.)
  • Changing the application's language from the language menu after deleting a Layer or a PIP in a dataset may cause the Playlist Editor to crash.
  • Some Qt-provided language translations (i.e. standard labels in dialog boxes) are not getting translated.
  • When logged in as user sosdemo, the "Update Catalog" and "Update Translations" items in the "Dataset" menu does not work.
  • Notable Features are missing from Dataset Info dialog for non-English languages