SOS Visual Playlist Editor - 5.3 Release Notes


This document summarizes the changes and additions to the Science On a Sphere® (SOS) Visual Playlist Editor (VPLE) in the version 5.3.x releases.

For detailed information on VPLE features, please refer to the Visual Playlist Editor Manual (or browse to: Support > Manuals > Visual Playlist Editor on the SOS website). 

Release Dates

  • Version 5.3.0 - Feb. 5, 2018


  • The SOS Visual Playlist Editor 5.3 requires the Ubuntu 16.04 operating system and SOS 5.3.

Enhancements in 5.3.0

  • In SOS 5.3, labels for image sequences are now formatted using HTML (SOS-specific), providing customization options similar to those available with Text PIPs such as font, style, color, and size. By default, when you add a new Label Element to your dataset, the color of the label text will be white against a transparent background, and the text will be rendered using the Free Sans font.  Note that while older label settings in playlists are now deprecated, they are still fully supported by the new label functionality and new label settings are automatically generated by the Playlist Editor. See the Visual Playlist Editor Manual and the Playlist Reference Guide for more information.

    Bug Fixes in 5.3.0

    • Thumbnails for the datasets in a Live Program were being displayed incorrectly, showing the thumbnail for the Live Program itself instead. Now in most cases they match the dataset rather than the Live Program.
    • The Playlist Editor sometimes crashed when loading a movie dataset many times in a row. We believe we have fixed this issue.
    • Text PIPs for site-custom datasets had duplicate file copies being created in their dataset folders when saved. There is now only one file saved for each Text PIP and the Playlist Editor interface controls are correctly updated to the correct file path.
    • The pipvisible attribute did not not affect track visibility in the same way layervisible did. For layers, if layervisible is unchecked, the 'eye' (visibility) icon in the corresponding track becomes disabled and the layer becomes invisible. pipvisible was not disabling the visibility icon, so its behavior was changed to provide consistency between layers, pips, and labels.
    • Other minor bug fixes.

    Known Bugs in 5.3.0

    • Icons added through the Playlist Editor show up as a Missing PIP on SOS. Please use a text editor to set the icons attribute with the proper values for your icons until this issue is fixed. (See the Annotation Icons section in the Dataset Manual for more information.)
    • Changing the language used while making a Text PIP operation might cause the Playlist Editor to crash.