SOS Explorer Release Notes

SOSx Mobile 1.0 Released August 2019

We are delighted to offer a free mobile app version of the SOS Explorer virtual globe for viewing and interacting with SOS datasets. SOSx Mobile includes 120+ of the best SOS datasets at your fingertips. You can find SOSx Mobile in the Apple App store or the Google Play store.

We are no longer supporting SOSx Lite. 

SOSx 1.4.1 Released May 2018

In SOSx 1.4.1 we are integrating a feature that will auto-upgrade your SOSx version automatically upon start-up if you are out of date. This way you will never have to manually upgrade or miss out on new data (that requires a new version) again! We have also included some really fun new animal migration datasets including a humpback whale, a loggerhead sea turtle and a great white shark! To upgrade your SOS Explorer to 1.4.1 click to get the upgrade instructions here.

Features Include:

  • Software auto-update upon load
  • Audio capabilities in tour place marks
  • Nested 360 bubbles in tours
  • Time-matching support for movie-based datasets
  • Large scale models of animals as part of migration datasets
  • Population widget to count people in the population dataset
  • Numerous bug fixes
  • Zooming window "explorer" on the Mandlebrot Fractal dataset.

An example of the loggerhead sea turtle migration with large scale animal models.

SOSx 1.4 Released November 2017

In SOSx 1.4 the virtual reality feature is fully supported. Other work includes ways to localize and personalize the exhibit for individual sites to improve the customization capabilities including more language support.

Features Include:

  • Full Virtual Reality capability using Oculus Rift and Leap Motion technology.
  • Capability to add 360 degree geolocated bubbles (spheres within the sphere) in order to add more localized and site-specific content to the exhibit.
  • Capability to add ground overlay maps in order to add more localized and site-specific zoomed-in maps to the exhibit.
  • Graphical user interface for configuring an exhibit, i.e. turn on VR, use one screen only, resize user interface on touchscreen.
  • Improved language support for right to left languages, i.e. Hebrew.
  • Compatibility with most interactive projectors and smart boards.
  • Content: Tornado Experience allows users to learn about tornado safety, experience a tornado outside their window and choose where they take shelter. This experience also highlights SOSx compatibility with Unity game assets.
  • Tour Builder upgrades: Graphical preview of textbox, video, and image placement; ability to add portions of datasets into tours, i.e. only the last week of Clouds - Real-time; ability to stay in 2D flat map mode without the software defaulting to the sphere; addition of ground overlays, bug fixes.

An example of the 360 geolocated bubbles.

SOSx 1.3 Released May 2017

In 1.3 SOSx added a lot of new Tourbuilder improvements so each site can spice up their own exhibits to best fit their location. In addition, we added a lot of new 3D content to the library including Aurora 3D, Saturn with Rings, Humpback Whale Migration, and Satellite Models - Real-time.

Features Include:

  • Experimental VR capability using Oculus Rift technology.
  • New 3D datasets, more realistically showing phenomena that do not happen flat on a sphere, i.e. Saturn's Rings, Earth's satellites.
  • Language translation support.
  • Tourbuilder improvments.
  • Bug fixes.

SOSx 1.2 Released Feb. 2017

Building upon the foundation of SOSx 1.1, SOSx 1.2 includes many new features that make deploying SOSx to new sites even easier and allows for a variety of configuration set ups.

Features Include:

  • Ability to run application in single or dual screen mode and support different resolutions
  • TourBuilder includes the Dataset Editor that allows users to add and modify datasets
  • Registration set up through a licensing server
  • New datasets and tours
  • The positions of many satellites, with different orbit types, can be visualized over time
  • Real-time datasets automatically sync when program is idle
  • Moon Experience updated to include audio, a tracking system, and a new meteor impact simulation

SOSx 1.1 Released Sep. 2016

SOS Explorer™ (SOSx) is a flat screen version of Science On a Sphere® (SOS). The revolutionary software takes SOS datasets, usually only seen on a 6-foot sphere in large museum spaces, and makes them more accessible, portable, and interactive. Animated images such as atmospheric storms, climate change, and ocean temperature can be shown in SOSx, which explains sometimes complex environmental processes in a way that is simultaneously intuitive and captivating.

Features Include:

  • Easy to use touchscreen interface for maximum interactivity
  • Over 100 datasets, including real-time datasets with descriptions
  • Educational videos linked to specific datasets for deeper inquiry
  • Tours that create a narrative through the datasets and help users make connections
  • Tour builder application that allows sites to make their own narratives through relevant datasets
  • Analysis tools to easily measure, probe, and plot data from the visualizations
  • Immersive, first person experiences: walk on the Moon or pilot a submarine!
  • Stunning graphics in beautiful 4k resolution
  • SOS website interactivity for choosing best fit datasets at each site

Learning how to use SOSx

Once you have acquired SOS Explorer, the SOSx team will ship you a hard disk loaded with the software and content along with set up directions. You can also find the set-up guide online. Then, we will walk you through the features and different site configurations on video teleconference that we’ll schedule together with as many people as you would like to train. Other helpful guides and video tutorials are available as well.