Introduction to Tours

Find video tutorials, Tour Task Reference Guide, Introduction to SOSx Tours, and Introduction to Tour Builder in Manuals and Tutorials.


SOSx datasets can often be complex.  We invented “Tours” in order to tell a story with datasets and to help our users make tangible, understandable connections between the animations and their lives or to simply play a list of datasets in a specified order while your exhibit is idle (Kiosk Timeout Tour).

Tours can be scripted presentations that walk a user through the datasets using a storyline and a learning goal. These often include text, guiding questions, pop-up web content, videos, pictures/diagrams, and click-able place marks. For example, see “Become a Data Expert” Tour screenshot below.

Using our new Tour Builder, you can now build your own tours! Once built, your tours will show up in your search window (if desired). 

Accessing Tours:

Tours can be launched three ways:

  1. Hot Buttons that show up on the lower right corner of the touchscreen are linked to the tours. When clicked, Hot Buttons launch right into a tour.*
  2. Tours are all named “Tour - Weather Lesson” (for example) in order for them all to show up under the letter T in the alphabetical search window.**
  3. Tours are tagged as Category “Tours” (chosen in Tour Builder) in order for them to show up in the “Tours” dropdown category when browsing.***

    Tip: We suggest that when you make your own tours, you follow protocol #2 & #3 in order to find yours the same way.

*Hot Buttons for linking tours.

**Naming protocol "Tour - Weather Lesson" i.e.

***Category tagging as "Tour."

Tour Builder Application

Tour Builder arranges tasks in a timeline. Each Tour Task is added to the main Timeline and runs in order. For a list of the possible Tour Tasks see the Tour Builder Task Table.  See how to build tours by watching our video tutorials or by reading Introduction to Tour Builder documentation.