Getting Started

What's new with SOSx Lite 2.0?

  • Released July 2017
  • New datasets! See SOSx Lite Content for specifics.
  • Compatible with touch screens
  • New user interface
  • More information buttons - press to access websites, images, and videos that help to explain the topics explored in the datasets.
  • Real-time Earthquakes is back.
  • Windows download is lighter and more efficient.

Will SOSx Lite work for you?

If you have trouble downloading or installing the program:

How to Use SOSx Lite

In order to make best use of SOS Explorer:

Once you have SOSx running:

  • Take the SOS Explorer Help Tour to learn about the capabilities of the program.
  • Click the Dataset icon to see a list of the datasets. Select one and then:
    • Click Load to see the dataset on the sphere
    • Click Info to open a window of the SOS description
  • Take a content Tour or all three - Earth System, Plate Tectonics, and Wind & Weather. Tours are scripted presentations that walk a user through the datasets using a storyline and a learning goal. To learn more about the tours and lessons associated them, visit our Content page.
  • Find Help for controls and capabilities by clicking the Tools icon and Help button.
  • Allow time to play with SOSx and analysis tools found in the Tools menu. We think you’ll find that it is user-friendly and intuitive.
  • Send us your feedback. We want to know what you think! Click the Tools icon and click the Feedback button to send us your ideas.