Roles and Responsibilities

Each Science On a Sphere site will have its own unique facility requirements for installation. Many of these details are worked out during the early planning stages for the installation. It is strongly suggested that a conference call be setup between principal NOAA and local site personnel to establish an understanding of division of labor.

This document describes, in very general terms, the delineation of responsibility between NOAA and the organization receiving the SOS system.

Site Responsibilities

  • Each site must procure all hardware and associated installation material per the SOS specifications.
  • Each site is responsible for all of the facility work related to the SOS installation. Facility work includes, but is not limited to, providing/installing any and all electrical outlets and wiring, providing a wired internet connection, installing adequate air conditioning for computers, installing any necessary conduit runs, cable pulling (video and networking), installing ceiling mounts for the sphere, installing projector mounts, hanging the projectors, and mounting/installing the audio speakers.
  • All facility work needs to be complete, as agreed to by NOAA, before NOAA personnel arrive for installation and setup week.
  • During installation week, local facilities personnel will be on hand to help hang the sphere and to assist with final system setup.
  • Each site must provide a technical point of contact for Science On a Sphere. This individual (or individuals) will be trained by NOAA and will be the primary point of contact for NOAA for troubleshooting Science On a Sphere problems. This individual (or individuals) will need a strong understanding of PC-based computer hardware, some networking experience as well as experience working with video projection systems. The scope of responsibility of this party will be to ensure the ongoing operation of Science On a Sphere.
  • Each site will provide a person or persons who will have the responsibility of ensuring the projectors are properly aligned and converged to provide the clearest, best viewing of the Science On a Sphere media.

NOAA Responsibilities

  • NOAA will provide technical specifications for the hardware required to build a complete SOS system.
  • NOAA personnel will work with customer staff to ensure that the facility requirements are met.
  • NOAA will receive the computer components in Boulder, assemble, integrate and test the computer systems to form the required turnkey SOS system.
  • NOAA will ship the computer systems from NOAA/Boulder to the installation site and work with the customer to coordinate the setup of the SOS system at the installation site.
  • Provide technical troubleshooting for SOS (telephone, on-line, and in extreme emergencies provide on site support) when possible.
  • During the installation week, NOAA staff will be on-site as consultants to assist the site's facility staff with assembling and hanging the sphere. While on-site NOAA will assist with building and hanging the sphere, perform the alignment of projectors, setup the computers, configure the SOS networking, and ensure that the SOS software and all of the pieces work together. In the latter part of the week NOAA staff will give training sessions on basic and advanced system operation. If requested, additional training will be provided on using the SOS as presentation tool. A training session on content creation will also be conducted.
  • Provide on-site training on SOS system maintenance and operation.
  • Provide the scientific media data sets currently available for display on the sphere.
  • Provide upgrades to the SOS system software as they become available during the year.
  • NOAA agrees that it will use its best efforts to accomplish the work specified herein, but in no event shall be liable to the customer on account of any failure to successfully perform the project.