Exhibit Design Checklist

There is much to consider when preparing for a SOS installation. Use this checklist as a tool to make sure that nothing is left out. For any questions, contact sos.support@noaa.gov.

Exhibit Layout SpecificationSuggested MeasurementSite Measurement
Exhibit Footprint25.5' to 28.5' square (for 68" sphere) 
Ceiling Height> 12'
Projector Lens to Center of  Sphere16' to 18' (projector dependent)

Projector Positioning90° apart
Railing Diameter12' to 14'
Railing Height3'
Cat 6a cables for extenders< 200'
Eyebolts in CeilingSphere Mounting
Equipment SpecificationSuggestedPurchased
Sphere (lead time up to 8 weeks)Contact Us
ProjectorsSite Specific
Projector Mounting StyleCeiling/Floor/Wall Mounted
Projector MountsRPA Chief Custom Mounts
ComputersDell Workstation
Video CardsNVIDIA
Extenders (with Cat 6a cables)DVI or HDMI
Adapters for Video CardsExtender dependent - read carefully!
Ethernet Cables for Projector ControlCat 5e
Audio SystemReference system
iPad and RouteriPad Mini and Case
Things to ConsiderSuggestedNotes
Projectors draw ~5 amps eachUse UPS for each projector
Computer draw ~3 amps eachUse UPS for each computer
Computer locationWell ventilated, close to sphere
Computer storageShould be lockable, out of sight
Internet line25 Mbps with static IP
Exhibit LightingDim; no direct light or sunlight
Optional AdditionsSuggestedNotes
KioskSOS Public Kiosk
PowerPoint Sidewall Display

CU PowerPoint SOS Software