Exhibit Design Checklist

There is much to consider when preparing for a SOS installation. Use this checklist as a tool to make sure that nothing is left out. For any questions, contact sos.gsd@noaa.gov.

Exhibit Layout SpecificationSuggested MeasurementSite Measurement
Exhibit Footprint28.5'x28.5' (for 68" sphere) 
Ceiling Height> 12'
Projector Lens to Center of  Sphere16' to 18'
Railing Diameter12' to 14'
Railing Height3'
Cat 6a cables for extenders< 200'
Equipment SpecificationSuggestedPurchased
Sphere (lead time up to 8 weeks)Contact Us
ProjectorsSite Specific
Projector Mounting StyleCeiling/Floor/Wall Mounted
Projector MountsRPA Chief Custom Mounts
ComputersDell Workstation
Video CardsNVIDIA
Extenders (with Cat 6a cables)DVI or HDMI
Ethernet Cables for Projector ControlCat 5e
Audio SystemReference system
iPad and RouteriPad Mini and Case
Bluetooth DongleTrendNet
Things to ConsiderSuggestedNotes
Projectors draw ~5 amps eachUse UPS for each projector
Computer draw ~3 amps eachUse UPS for each computer
Computer locationWell ventilated, close to sphere
Computer storageShould be lockable, out of sight
Internet line3 - 4 Mbps with static IP
Exhibit LightingDim; no direct light or sunlight
Optional AdditionsSuggestedNotes
KioskSOS Public Kiosk
PowerPoint Sidewall Display

CU PowerPoint SOS Software