SOSx Tours

SOS Explorer, a free mobile app for iOS and Android, is a new tool for viewing SOS and SOSx data visualizations. On this page you'll find educational activities created for a deeper dive into the app.

First ... Download the App.

Search for SOS Explorer in your Apple App Store or Google Play Store and Install.

Next ... Learn your way around with a Scavenger Hunt.

Click to download and complete one or more of the scavenger hunt activities below to get a taste of our 100+ datasets while learning how to navigate SOS Explorer mobile app. Recommended for grades 5-10. Provided as fillable pdf forms.

  • All topics: Look for atmosphere, ocean patterns, hurricanes, and earthquake datasets.
  • Earthquakes: Explore the earthquake and plate tectonic-specific datasets; volcanoes, age of seafloor, deep-sea vents, plate boundaries.

Also ... Take a "Tour."

Tours were created in SOSx as a substitute for a live presenter. Tours take a user through a list of datasets, adding in text boxes, images, videos, more info buttons, and more to tell a full story while urging the user to investigate and answer questions. Following are video recordings of the tours found in the app. Pick a topic, take the tour in the app, then use the materials below for a post-tour discussion.

  1. Saharan Air Layer - "Tour - Monster Saharan Dust Plume." Download and complete the SAL Tour Discussion and Follow-up Investigation. Recommended for grades 5-10. Provided as fillable pdf form.

This is a video recording of the tour in the app. When you take the tour in the app, it's more interactive.