SOS Live Programs

Live programs are SOS presentations that have been created by users of SOS, including scientists, educators, museum staff and student interns. They are carefully crafted presentations that use SOS datasets to tell a story and teach audiences about a specific topic such as ocean currents or extreme weather events. Included in each Live Program is an SOS presentation playlist (i.e. a collection of datasets) and a script with notes for presenters and sometimes supplementary educational materials (i.e. clicker questions and classroom lesson plans). A description of each Live Program can be found on the SOS Data Catalog Live Programs page along with a copy of the script for presenters.

The Live Program presentation playlists can be easily accessed through the iPad SOS Remote App. As indicated in the screenshots below, simply go to the Data Catalog tab and select the Live Programs button at the top of the page. Then, select a Major Category and a Live Program to show the datasets in that Live Program. Many of the Live Programs also have Presenter Notes associated with them. To view these on the iPad, simply go to the Presentation tab, make sure the Catalog button at the top of the page is selected, and then press the Presenter Notes button, also located at the top of the page.

If you’ve created a SOS presentation that you would like to share with other SOS users as a Live Program through the SOS Data Catalog, please email

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Screenshots for accessing Live Programs from the iPad SOS Remote App: