Oxygen Minimum Zones

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This live program takes the audience from variability in the global biosphere to a deeper look at productive regions of the ocean, specifically at nutrient concentrations. Diving below the surface of the ocean in depth increments we are able to see changing chemistry and highlight oxygen minimum zones like the one off the coast of Peru. With the research locations pinpointed, the presentation delves into the nitrogen cycle comparing it to photosynthesis and respiration, concluding with the central project research question,"How much nitrogen gas is lost to the atmosphere through these processes?" To answer the audience/public question, "Why do we care?", the final global image shows a computer model of the ocean chlorophyll concentration while the presenter discusses the use of computer modeling to make predictions about our changing ocean and climate systems.


Appropriate for a general adult audience up through dataset 17. Datasets 17-21 cover redox chemistry of the carbon and nitrogen cycles and may be reserved for HS Science/AP audiences and above.