SOS Remote App 5.0 Release Notes

For detailed information on using the SOS Remote app,  please refer to the SOS Remote User Manual (also located at: SOS website > Support tab > Manuals menu > SOS Remote App menu item).

Release Dates

SOS Remote app 5.0.0 – Released November 19, 2015


SOS Remote app requires iOS 8.0 or later, including support for iOS 9.0.   Minimum SOS software version of 5.0.0.

Special Note for installing the latest SOS Remote App on iOS 9.0+:

If you are running iOS 9.0+ on your device, you may experience some installation glitches. Following are two problems and solutions we have found.

(1) Go to the Apple Store app on your device and install the latest SOS Remote App, version 5.0. When you open the app, the old version, version 4.3, might appear (you will know it is an old version if you do not see the new "Slices" label and associated controls at the top of the app). If this happens, go to the App store again and click the Install or Update button again. You may have to do this a couple of times before the new version gets installed.

(2) Once the new version is installed, if you go to the iPad Settings (via the gear icon on the home screen) and click on SOS Remote app, the settings fields like Name or IP of SOS Computer may not be showing up. If this is the case, delete the app from memory (by double tapping the home screen and swiping away the SOS Remote app). Then click on SOS Remote app. Then, go to the iPad Settings > SOS Remote app section again, and the SOS Remote apps settings should appear.

Backward Compatibility

SOS Remote App 5.0.0+ is only partially compatible with SOS 4.3.0+, so we strongly recommend that when upgrading to SOS Remote App 5.0.0+ that you also upgrade to SOS 5.0.0+ at the same time. These are the known compatibility issues:

  • Using the new iPad 5.0 with SOS & Data Catalog 4.3: Dataset variations (such as Blue Marble with audio) are not displayed in the Data Catalog. However, they can still be displayed on the sphere if they are already in presentation playlists.
  • Using the iPad 4.3 with the new SOS & Data Catalog 5.0: Transferring the Data Catalog from the SOS machine to the iPad may time out and not complete. This prevents any new updates to the Data Catalog from loading onto the iPad. However, the iPad can still display presentation playlists on the sphere.

New Features & Enhancements

* Please see the SOS Remote User Manual for detailed information on the following features.

  • Support for translated dataset names and descriptions
  • Support for translated Major Category, Subcategory, and Keyword terms
  • Support for translated user interface buttons, labels, and popup text
  • Translation changes are immediately available on the iPad when updated on the SOS machine
Presentation Tab
  • The Splitter Tool: New Slice controls to split the sphere into 2-4 sections that replicate the data being displayed on the sphere in front of the User Position (the red dot).  This is useful so that audience members all around the sphere can see the section of data that the presenter is describing in front of them.  (Note: The Splitter Tool works with both animations and still images, but rotation can be jittery when there are more than two slices displayed.)
  •  Presenter Notes and Data Info text can be enlarged using pinch gestures
Data Catalog Tab
  • New filters to limit search results to localized and high-resolution datasets
  • Support "OR" logic for multiple terms entered into the search bar

Bug Fixes

    • SOS Data Catalog:  Fixed a problem where the Update Now button on the Settings tab failed to update the Data Catalog if the transfer was too slow.
    • SOS Data Catalog:  Fixed an incorrect status of "Missing On SOS Computer" on the Settings tab caused by an error in handling time zones in the eastern hemisphere
    • Layers:  the layers controls did not display correctly under iOS 9

      Known Bugs

      • Playlist Builder:  loading a playlist in the playlist builder in a localized environment doesn't translate the dataset names from English.  Note that translations are correct for presentations and data catalog search results.