Bishop Museum Touchscreen SOS Kiosk

Developed by the Bishop Museum with support from NOAA and NASA

The SOS Kiosk program allows visitors to interact with the NOAA Science on a Sphere (SOS) via a touchscreen. Visitors can choose from available datasets, tilt, rotate, pause and play, and restart movies, animations, and still photos projected on the SOS.

The program is intended for PC installation. While it may work under Windows emulation under Mac or Linux, this has not been tested. At the heart of the program is a Microsoft Access 2003 database (bmsphere.mdb) that organizes the available datasets. The database contains title information, image paths, and additional information. The SOS Kiosk program uses the database to populate and layout the user interface (UI). Clicks on the UI trigger telnet commands to the Linux computer that runs the SOS.

Set Up Instructions and Documentation