SOS Remote App 1.1

SOS Remote App 1.1 Release Notes

This page documents the new features and enhancements included in the SOS Remote 1.1. release.

For detailed information about using SOS Remote, please refer to the “SOS Remote User Manual” available for download here


SOS Remote 1.1 requires iOS 5.0 or later, and SOS software version 3.4.2.


  • Updated overall interface.
  • iPhone: Placed the User Position slider control in a pop-up dialog on the Presentation page.
  • iPad: Removed the Previous/Next buttons from the Presentation page.
  • Removed the Factory Reset button from each alignment step page and put a Factory Reset button on the main Alignment page.


Alignment Password

In the SOS Settings tab within SOS Remote, you have the option to set up an alignment password to prevent unintended use of the alignment interface. Tap on the Alignment Password option to set up a password.

User Position Offset

By default, the User Position slider on the Presentation page is centered at 0 degrees longitude and extends to -180 and +180 degrees along the equator. If a site tends to present datasets to an audience around the +/- 180 degree location, they have to keep moving the slider to the far left and far right as they move. To make presentation more convenient, you can now set an offset position for the slider. From the home page of your device, tap on the Settings icon and select SOS Remote. Then, tap on Default User Position to select the desired offset.

For more tips on troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks and connections with iOS devices, please see: