Planet Earth Decision Theater

Script by the Science Museum of Minnesota

Did you know that humans are now the dominant force of change on the planet? Cast your vote about the future health of our planet in this interactive presentation created by the Science Museum of Minnesota.

Utilizing images, both on the flat screen and on the sphere, Planet Earth Decision Theatre, introduces and reinforces the fact that humans are the dominant agent of global change. The show depicts how amazing planet Earth is and how well equipped humans are to solve our many environmental problems. It employs historical and current examples of human induced global change illustrating the astonishing force of human activity. Throughout the show, the audience votes via i-clikers answering both fact-based questions and opinion polls, empowering visitors to consider how humans have and will impact large-scale global transformations.

Audience: General (Best suited for mid to upper elementary through adult) Goals:

  1. To introduce the concept that humans are the dominant agent of global change.
  2. To inspire audiences to contemplate the enormous potential for humans to create the innovations necessary for people to thrive on a human-dominated planet.

NOTE: This presentation as written requires the use of iClickers.