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Hurricane Tracks: Cumulative - 1950 - 2005



Tracking historical hurricanes is an important way for hurricane researchers to learn about the paths of future hurricanes. Because of this, records of hurricane paths are archived and studied. Not all hurricanes follow the same path, but there are certainly noticeable trends for hurricane paths. Many computer models that have been created to predict hurricane paths include the historical data in their models.

There are two datasets that display hurricane tracks. The first is an animation that runs from January 1, 2000 through October 3, 2006 and displays the tracks of all of the hurricanes that occurred during this time period. The hurricanes are depicted by red dots in the dataset. For each day, the hurricane track appears as a series of four red dots. The red dots are spaced out according to how fast the hurricane was moving. When a hurricane moved very little over a 24 hour period, the four red dots appear clustered together. To represent a hurricane that traveled a long distance in one day the four red dots are spaced to cover that distance. The summer and spring are calm seasons. The hurricane activity begins to pick up late each summer and typically lasts through the fall. The unusually long hurricane season of 2005 can be seen in this dataset. Notice that no hurricanes cross the equator.

Notable Features

  • All recorded hurricanes worldwide from 1950 - 2005 are included
  • The dots show the locations of the hurricanes at six hour intervals
  • No hurricanes cross the equator


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  • National Hurricane Center, Joint Typhoon Warning Center
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  • Tropical Cyclones, Atmosphere, Tracks, Hurricane Tracks, Hurricanes